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Air Bag Injury Lawyer

Airbags are important safety features, but if you’ve ever been injured by one, you know that they don’t always work as they should.

With the help of an Austin, Texas, car accident attorney from Dang Law Group, you can fight back against faulty car parts and defective designs to get the compensation you deserve and the medical treatment you need to recover from your injuries.

An Air Bag Injury Attorney Seeks Justice For Your Case

Air bags are designed to save lives by preventing people from being seriously injured or killed during a collision. If a defective air bag injures you while you’re in your car or truck, you could suffer serious injuries, including broken bones and burns from exposure to sodium azide gas.

To make sure you get compensated for your pain and suffering, you must contact an air bag injury lawyer immediately. Depending on your case, it might also be possible to recover compensation for lost wages and other damage such as medical expenses.

We will win you fair compensation for injuries from faulty air bags.

An experienced defective air bag attorney will know how to approach your case, who could be held liable for your injuries, and what is likely to happen next, i.e., if you choose to proceed with an air bag injury lawsuit. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of victims receive justice through some of the highest settlements in Texas.

Hire Dang Law Group As Your Air Bag Injury Attorney

We are committed to fighting on behalf of our clients to ensure they get fair compensation for their injuries. Whether it was defective equipment in your vehicle or someone else’s negligent action that saw them hit you, and the impact caused your injuries, our defective air bag attorneys can help.

Our team consists of some of the best air bag injury lawyers who have always earned the trust of our clients without fail. They are:

  • Anna Hart
  • Zach Zapata
  • Loc T. Dang
  • Otto Yannick Müller

For more information about air bag injuries in Texas and/or to schedule a free consultation with our air bag injury lawyers in Austin, Texas, please contact us.

Our offices are at 11442 N Interstate HWY 35 Austin, RX 78753. We also serve the next areas:

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Our defective air bag attorneys are on your side! Please feel free to call us at 512-648-3378 or email us at [email protected].

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