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How to Take the Best Photos for Your Accident Case

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Firm News

It’s incredibly important to take pictures when you have an accident. Insurance companies will find any reason not to pay, however, your claim is stronger when you have pictures to support it. With the help of technology, you have your own photo camera at your fingertips. Cell phones can take great quality photos, but how do you know if you are taking them correctly? Before you snap away, pay close attention to these tips.

  • Don’t move the vehicle It may be hard to remember at times exactly where the accident happened. Having a photo of the scene that includes any landmarks such as restaurants, stores, or gas stations can help us find the exact location of the accident. Don’t forget to take these photos from a wide angle. Make sure to capture the entire scene including all vehicles involved, the lanes and where they ended. If it’s unsafe for you to do any of this, move your vehicle right away.
  • Cover all angles Even if you think your vehicle was only struck on the back, you may find out that there were other additional damages. Take photos of the front, back and each corner of the vehicle from a wide angle. Don’t zoom in.
  • Take photos of the inside of the vehicle Some insurance companies may not take into consideration that your vehicle has expensive interior items like leather seats because of lack of proof. To avoid this and other similar situations, snap some photos of the inside of your vehicle.
  • Take photos of your valuables Did you have any valuables or electronics inside the car that were damaged by the accident? Those photos are also important. Take photos of items such as laptops, camera, cell phones, etc.
  • Dash Cam Footage This is probably the best piece of evidence! If you do have a dash cam, please provide the footage of the accident.
  • Take photos of your injuries If you suffered physical injuries and have bruises, cuts, scratches or anything else that is visible, we advise you to take a photograph of the affected are in a close up, but also another photo that includes the injured area and your face. This is important because insurance companies at times argue that the injuries aren’t from the client.
  • Severely injured? Don’t do it! If your injuries are severe, don’t worry about the photos. Make sure that an ambulance comes to the scene, or get to the nearest emergency room. Your health is more important. If you do go to the hospital, make sure someone takes a picture of you on the hospital bed.


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