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Tips to Travel Safe and Sound this Holiday Season

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Christmas season is delightful, but the roads can be frightful. Wherever your travels may take you, make sure your holidays are jolly by following these safety driving tips.

  • CHECK YOUR VEHICLE BEFORE YOU GOThe National highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that you check off this list before you hit the roads.
  • Visit your MechanicRun down to your mechanic or neighborhood car shop and ask for a quick tune-up to see if you need any parts, repairs or replacements.
  • Check your BatteryBattery power tends to drop when the temperatures do and it takes more battery power to get your car started when it is cold. Therefore, have your mechanic check your battery and charging system to ensure it is in working order and to make any replacements.
  • Check your LightsMake sure that your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flasher, and interior lights are in working order.
  • Windshield WipersIf you encounter snow or icy weather, it is easy to quickly use up a lot of windshield wiper fluid. Fill up your washer reservoir with quality fluid with de-icer to avoid unnecessary problems with visibility while driving.
  • TiresThe air pumps at gas stations are always busy in the winters because tire inflation pressure drops when it gets cold. Make sure each of your tires is filled to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure (including your spare tire). Look closely at your tread and have a tire specialist replace tires that have uneven wear or insufficient treads.
  • PACK THE CAR WITH WINTER ESSENTIALSYou can never be too prepared as unexpected accidents, automobile issues, and inclement weather can occur suddenly and without warning. AAA recommends that you keep a bundle of cold-weather gear in your car, such as extra food, water, warm clothing, a flashlight, a glass scraper, blankets and medications. Your car emergency kit should also include first-aid necessities such as band-aids, antiseptic wipes, road flares or reflective warning triangles, and a set of jumper cables.If you think you may be encountering frigid weather or are headed into wintry snowy areas, it may be a good idea to bring a bag of sand to help with traction. Also pack some tire chains, a tow strap and a collapsible or folding snow shovel. These will help in the event your car gets stuck in snow or ice, or is having trouble maneuvering up and through difficult terrain.
  • DRIVE WITH CARE AND ATTENTIONBe alert and drive defensively by controlling your speed, looking ahead, and expecting the unexpected. Make sure you follow these tips from AAA and NCS.
  • Avoid using cruise control in wintry conditions
  • Steer in the direction of a skid, so when your wheels regain traction, you don’t have to over-correct to stay in your lane
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Increase following distance to 8 to 10 seconds
  • If possible, don’t stop when going uphill
  • If visibility is severely limited due to a whiteout, pull off the road to a safe place and do not drive until conditions improve. Avoid pulling off onto the shoulder unless it is an absolute emergency. Limited visibility means other vehicles can’t see yours on the shoulder.
  • Know your car’s capabilities and remember that you are your car’s best safety feature.


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