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When Is a Rear-End Collision Not Your Fault

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Who is at fault in a rear-end collision? Most people would answer outright that the rear driver is the one to blame. But would that still be true if the car ahead had damaged brake lights or had screeched to an abrupt and unexpected halt? There are multiple scenarios where things might be a bit different. Reach out to an experienced car accident lawyer to safeguard yourself against any blame.

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What Causes Most Rear-End Accidents?

Before we go on exploring who is liable for the auto accident injury/injuries, we must understand what causes most rear-end accidents. In most cases, distracted driving, drunkenness, and other such factors contribute to rear-ending.

You should avoid discussing fault after a car crash.

Here are the most common reasons:

Distracted Driver

This is the most common cause of accidents throughout; even a split second’s distraction can prove decisive here, as one will move dangerously near the vehicle ahead. That way further actions required to answer your possible question “If you get rear ended who is at fault?”

Driver Under Influence

Alcohol is not only injurious to health but can also lead to serious crashes. If you’re wondering what damage can a rear-end collision caused in such a case – just know that it can get horrible.

Standing Vehicle Improperly

Abrupt and unexpected stands can lead to serious wrecks.

Sudden Brake or Turn

This is also the case with swift turning or hard pressing the brakes.

Lights Not Working

In such a case, the rear driver will be exempt from blame – no one is psychic!

Now, onto who is at fault in a multi-car rear-end accident?

Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Based on the statistical data, most rear-end collisions are caused by the vehicle in the back following too closely. However, the rear driver is not always at fault. This is especially true in the case of a manufacturing defect or if the car ahead stopped all of a sudden.

A good rear-end collision lawyer will be able to point out the liable party in your case.

What to Do If You Hit a Car from Behind?

Now let’s move on to what to do if you hit a car from behind.

Maybe your car rear-ended at a stop-light with the one ahead of you or it could’ve been in a lane.In any case, remain calm; panic and aggression won’t help you. It is often hard for the driver or parties involved, to determine who’s at fault for the crash.  Therefore it is best to consult with auto accident lawyer.

For now, do this:

Check Yourself and Others for Injuries

The first thing to do Immediately after the rear-end car accident has happened is to see if you’ve sustained any injuries and also check for property damage.

Report the Accident

Call the police right away, but don’t panic and stay put at the crash site.

Document the Accident

Take photos, record videos, exchange contact information with the other driver, talk to witnesses, but most of all, avoid any confrontations.

Recording evidence of a crash can help you a lot.

Get a Copy of the Accident Report

You can get the copy later on from the police station or via their website.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Hire a legal professional with relevant experience. If you’re in Austin, reach out to Dang Law Group. Our lawyers are ready to vigorously pursue justice on your behalf.

In the reverse scenario, if you’re wondering “I got rear-ended, what do I do?”, the best thing for you is to stay calm and follow the same steps as above.

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