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Older adults and motor vehicle collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Car Accidents

Whether you enjoy driving as an older adult or you have concerns about a loved one in this age group, it is essential to understand the risk factors that older people face on the road. Sadly, these accidents cause many serious injuries, and the aftermath of a crash can prove particularly devastating.

It is crucial to go over data on auto accidents involving older adults in order to understand how widespread these accidents are, the various consequences of a collision and the importance of prevention.

Statistics on older adults involved in accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over the course of 2020, nearly 540 older adults (those 65 and older) suffered injuries in traffic accidents on a daily basis and 20 lost their lives. Throughout all of 2020, motor vehicle collisions caused nearly 200,000 injuries and claimed the lives of roughly 7,500 people in this age group.

The impact of collisions that involve older adults

A traffic collision could disrupt various aspects of your life. If you become seriously hurt, you could lose your ability to continue living independently. Later in life, the physical toll of an accident can prove particularly disruptive, and recovery can become especially challenging. It is essential to approach your recovery from all angles, taking your physical and mental well-being into account as well as your finances.

Following a motor vehicle collision, the emotional impact of the crash can become very challenging. However, you should try to stay positive and focused on your future.