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Data on motorcycle crash injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

If you become hurt while riding your motorcycle, you are not alone. Every year, many bikers find themselves in this position, and it is vital to do everything in your power to recover and minimize the impact of the collision. From missing work to dealing with high levels of pain and financial hurdles, an injury accident could derail many different aspects of your life.

As a motorcyclist, you should go over statistics on motorcycle crash injuries in order to recognize the prevalence of this problem.

Motorcycle accident injury statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published information on motorcyclist injuries. According to the CDC, these injuries sent over 180,000 motorcyclists to emergency departments across the country over the course of 2020. In addition, many injuries prove fatal. Tragically, more than 5,500 motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic collisions throughout 2020.

Reckless drivers and motorcycle accidents

The CDC draws attention to the importance of proper helmet use. Wearing your helmet correctly can reduce the chances of a serious injury, but you could become hurt regardless if a reckless driver hits you. For example, if someone slams into you because they were drinking and driving or fails to see you because they were checking their phone, this could leave you with devastating injuries.

On your motorcycle, you are very vulnerable in the event of a crash with a larger vehicle. If you suffer an injury in a motorcycle accident, you could face a plethora of hardships, from medical bills to broken bones and immobility.