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Long-term cost of a brain injury sustained in a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

A severe brain injury from a motor vehicle accident can lead to substantial costs that affect both the individual and their loved ones.

These costs extend beyond immediate medical expenses and can create a financial burden over the long term.

Medical expenses and rehabilitation

After a brain injury from a car crash, initial medical expenses include emergency care, hospital stays, surgeries and diagnostic tests. Afterward, ongoing rehabilitation is necessary. From physical to occupational and speech therapy, they all create ongoing financial stress.

Loss of income and employment

A person with a brain injury faces a loss of income during recovery and after. In some cases, cognitive and physical limitations may keep a person from performing their previous job or maintaining a regular work schedule.

Home modifications and assistive devices

Brain injuries often make mobility challenging, which often requires home modifications. Installing ramps, widening doorways and renovating bathrooms means dealing with more unexpected costs. Additionally, individuals might need assistive devices like wheelchairs, mobility scooters or communication aids.

Long-term care and support

Many brain injury survivors require ongoing care and support, especially if their injury results in cognitive or physical impairments. This can include personal care attendants, home health aides or nursing home stays. While necessary for maintaining a decent quality of life, these services come with ongoing expenses.

In 2021, 19,456 Texans sustained serious injuries in car accidents. When an accident involves a brain injury, understanding potential long-term expenses is important for planning and seeking appropriate support systems to manage the ongoing financial impact.