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How to perform a motorcycle safety inspection

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Regular inspections are a standard expectation for every motorcyclist. Conscientious checks help lower the odds of a wreck that ends with an injury.

By following a systematic approach, it is possible to identify and address potential issues before they result in tragedy.

Clean exteriors

Cleanliness makes spotting defects easier, so every motorcycle should be spotless before getting an overhaul. Water and a mild detergent are all one needs to make a bike sparkle.

Check tires

Wheels demand careful inspection. Those with damage or uneven tread wear need immediate replacement. Riders should note that federal law requires tread depth of at least 2/32 of an inch. Also, tire pressure should fall within the recommended range, as incorrect inflation negatively affects stability and handling.

Test brakes

Applying the front and rear brakes individually is the way to figure out if they are working effectively. Both ought to engage smoothly and firmly.

Inspect lights

Motorcycles include headlights, taillights, turn signals and brake lights. All must be in working order and bulbs of the correct wattage.

Check chains

Belts and drive chains should have the proper tension and lubrication. A loose or dry chain can negatively impact handling and cause a wreck.

Verify fluid levels

Bikes cannot run properly without engine oil and coolant. If either is unexpectedly low, it could mean there is a leak. Recurring leakages are both an indication of an underlying problem and a fire hazard.

Secure fasteners

Nuts and bolts must be tight. Loose fasteners sometimes lead to detached parts when riding, which may lead to disaster.

Review documentation

The law requires every motorcycle’s registration, insurance and inspection documents to be up-to-date and easily accessible. Riding without proper paperwork can result in legal consequences.

Safety should be a top priority for every hog enthusiast. Motorcyclists who fail to place a premium on vehicle maintenance are responsible for allowing unnecessary danger to flourish.